With the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak being felt more each day, XAP is making every effort to support educators, parents, and students.

We will continue to host free webinars. We will be adjusting the topics to emphasize strategies you, the educator, can use to support students at home as they use IHAPI.

New Webinar -- Using the IHAPI ICAP as an "At Home" Learning Experience

Tuesday, April 7th at 9 am CT -- sign up via the Webinar schedule link below:

Our online services and customer services will, as always, be available to support your efforts and these unique challenges.

We recognize the difficulties posed by the situation for all - especially those in the education system - and our thoughts are with all those affected by the COVID-19 virus.


*Free Online Proctored Practice ACT/SAT Tests* NEW

Due to the disruption to many students' learning environments as a result of COVID-19, Testive is offering free online proctored practice SATs/ACTs tests every Saturday starting on Saturday, March 21st and continuing through the middle of April.

For more information, see Free Proctored Practice Exams from Testive.

Parents can register via this link: https://www.testive.com/saturday/